Stories of dating violence

Grade 7 Up-Using anecdotes from abusers and victims to reinforce his arguments, Hicks describes the characteristics and dangers of unhealthy relationships and presents several checklists and questionnaires so that readers can identify abusive behaviors.The author outlines the standard cycles that occur-courtship, accommodation, increasing tension, power struggle, violence, denial and minimization, remorse and reconciliation-and emphasizes the importance of honest communication and personal safety.She said if she was not willing to be intimate with her partner, he would rape her.She said she would be thrown and held down without her consent.Brittany said shouting matches from an ex-boyfriend had become so regular and disruptive that her neighbor would come to the door to make sure she was not in danger.“To be honest, I learned to tune out shouting,” Brittany said.

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Robert Hogg, D-Cedar Rapids, supported the bill, saying "The facts are that we have a dating violence epidemic in this country and in this state.” He cited statistics from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention saying that nearly three-fourth of teenagers have dated in the past year and at least 10 percent had been victims of dating violence."This is a major crisis facing our country and we need to act on it," Hogg saids At least 22 other states have enacted legislation aimed at curbing teen dating violence, according to the National Conference of State Legislatures.Iowa high schools would be required to provide age-appropriate instruction on teenage dating violence under a bill approved 50-0 Tuesday by the Iowa Senate.Senate File 2195, which was sent to the House, would include dating information as part of a school district's human growth and development curriculum. Liz Mathis, D-Cedar Rapids, said the bill would raise students' awareness about dating violence and prevention and equip students with skills to address abusive dating relationships.The writing style is lively but serious and nonjudgmental.Facts and explanations are interspersed with quotes and first-hand accounts, which are set off from the text by red borders.The video utilizes their experiences and insights so that youth and parents can recognize and prevent dating abuse in their own lives, or in the lives of others.


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