Any orders below , are subject to a .95 shipping charge.Certain heavier items will have a shipping charge including washing solutions (.95 or .95 for 1 quart), stocking donner (.95), and bandage rolls (.95).It would be nice to have a place that mothers can support each other, exchange ideas or tips, find out lovely online bargains or just have fun.This site was created to give tips and support to mothers of twins, and fathers as well! In order to provide you with a more updated site I had to change platforms and as a result had to let go of some of the wonderful comments I had received over the last few years.I also remember what the nurse told me after my twin babies were born.She said having twins is not twice the work than having a baby but rather four times, and yes she was right.Gnosis Chocolate, Brad's Plant Based, Jesus Set Free Ministries, Pennsylvania Betta Association, Betta FISH, International Betta Congress, Basement Bettas,, Betta Source, Crystal Red Shrimp Breeding Guide, Pets First - World of Exotics, Ballbetta Thailand, the CHIVE, Paleo Grubs, Thinkarete lifestyle, TN Wild Bettas, Four Footed Friends, Logan Haus Kennels, The Trump Media, House Of Hope Kandaria SHG, Peace Be With U, Awesome Nature, Sun Gazing, Conservative Media, Thaphrabettas, WD Americans Online, World News Politics, Conservative News Today, Donald Trump Is Our President, The Anonymous Conservative, Freedom Daily, Trump News, Judicial Watch, The Daily Caller, Life Learned Feelings, Funniest and Craziest Videos by Diply, Ben Carson, Paul The Fishguy, John Crist, Vital Plan, Keefer Show Pigs, Little Things, Hype Dojo, Dr.Jay Davidson, Get Holistic Health, International Christian Embassy Jerusalem (ICEJ), Wild Betta World Việt Nam, Jesus Christ Savior by Beliefnet, Last days Christians, Reverse Cancer and Chronic Diseases Naturally - RCCDN, Optimal Health Network, Lyme disease one day at a time, Lyme Disease Challenge, Dr.


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