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recently, Cole was asked about the duo’s lowkey photo shoot trip together, where he seemingly shut down the rumours that the pair are an IRL couple."Lili and I play characters who are dating, so just about any time she and I go out into the wilderness, it's ' Oh my god! ' But truthfully, I'm a sucker for friends, fashion, and framing," Cole admitted. We’re just going to sit here and pretend like you didn’t say that and that you guys are secretly in love but you both don't even know it yet, Okay? in reverse -- 'cause she wasted no time backing up the bus over her fired "Shahs of Sunset" cast mate Lilly Ghalichi. READ MORE One of the "Shahs of Sunset" has been 86'd for being terminally uninteresting -- Lilly Ghalichi will no longer appear on the show ... so says a smokin' hot model who claims Bravo's show "Shahs of Sunset" is illegally using HER moniker for one of their cast members. READ MORE "Shahs of Sunset" producers want to school an FHM model on the law -- telling her she has no right to sue over her handle "Persian Barbie" ... READ MORE There can only be one "PERSIAN BARBIE" ...All that being said, we really don’t hate how our parents don’t understand that we need know someone to get married, or how they don’t get dating, etc. We all know that their priority is their kid’s happiness and someway or the other, they are watching out for us.

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She took to Instagram to share the lavish details of her gorgeous wedding ceremony — which took place at The Beverly Hilton in Beverly Hills.

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I mean, tell me, how many of your relationships do your parents know about?

Maybe all, because all moms are CID, but we don’t speak about it as it’s a landmine.

And, oh, the drama and the struggle to hide everything from them is seriously EPIC!


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