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Its design allows for great flexibility regarding the mesh size and the height and thickness of the bearing bars.

In combination with the variety of materials from which press locked grating can be manufactured, we produce grating that are exactly in line with the customer‘s wishes and the intended use.

For this reason from the beginning this grating software was designed for personal use to insure a maximum convenience for the user.

Initially the grating software included C-method [1-4] based codes that are very appropriate for smooth grating profile analysis.

(2014), GGR Biennial Critical Review: Analytical Developments Since 2012.We do not claim that the press locked grating is the better grating, but it is certainly the more attractive and individually customised grating compared to the press welded grating.For a press locked grating, the cross bars – which as a rule are made of cold-rolled flat steel – are pressed into the previously punched-out bearing bars.The press locked grating is the most commonly used type of grating in many European countries today.Thanks to a production technology which differs significantly from that used for the press welded grating, and which enables a much greater variety of products, this type of grating provides for an almost unlimited number of applications.In 2003 the grating software was extended with True Modes Method [5-9] (TMM) and from 2007 with Fourier Modes Method [10-12] (FMM).


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