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We are aware of this issue and trying to resolve the issue in a future release.

The workaround to this problem is to run the Java Control Panel as administrator, and then make changes to the Java update settings.

There are many ways to transfer project files with their copies on the deployment server.

This tutorial describes how to automatically upload changes with a deployment server using Php Storm, for example when a debugging session is started or changes are committed to VCS.

Follow these steps to run Java Control Panel as administrator.ATTENTION: THIS DOCUMENT IS SUBJECT TO CHANGE AS WE LEARN MORE ABOUT THE CAUSE BEHIND THIS ERROR Due to some of ways Windows handles file security, an update to Word Press may fail and, instead, return several orange debugging We have learned that Windows, for unknown reasons, sets the files in the root of your Word Press installation as a System file.This renders it impossible for Desktop Server to write or modify the file.It builds on Deploying PHP applications with Php Storm.A deployment server has been configured as described in Deploying PHP applications with Php Storm.To make sure that the Firebox can connect to the update server, you must add at least one DNS server to your network configuration.


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